We provide direct support to children and their families, so that children have everything they need to live and thrive at home.



School fees, uniforms, school meals and scholastic materials enable children to study in their own community.

Nutritious Food

We provide nutritious food, help to start family gardens, and provide nutrition education.

Medical care

Providing medical care for at-risk children and those with special medical needs, means children can get the treatment they need without having to leave their families.

Child Protection

By teaching parents about child rights, they are able to keep children safe at home. 

Better Income

Microfinance, and small business grants and training, empower families to improve their income and to better care for their children.

Emergency Support

Housing, food, and other necessities help families through a crisis.


Naomi’s Story - Reunification

When Naomi was a toddler, her parents died.

Her aunt and uncle, who were very poor, thought the best place for Naomi was a local orphanage that could provide her an education and medical care.

However, the orphanage where Naomi stayed was not a happy place.

They fed her one meal a day, and would often beat the children. They often kept her from her aunt and uncle, when they tried to visit.

Working with a partner organization, we worked to free Naomi from the institution, so she could live with her aunt and uncle, and three cousins.

We helped her aunt and uncle to build a latrine, start a family business and join a Microfinance group in their village.

Naomi is happy to be home.

She loves to help her aunt with the chores, and adores her little cousins.

We continue to support Naomi and her family with regular social work visits, medical care and school fees so that Naomi can have a secure future with her family.